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Erwin Baumann Scholarship

Before 2012 this scholarship, was awarded by SEMA (Swiss Ethnic Music Association) After SEMA was amalgamated with ESMCA, the new name “Erwin Baumann Scholarship Program” was created.

Eventually the first award went to Nial Gorman for his studies and trainings to play the alphorn. In in 2016 we awarded $10,000 to ProCoro Canada for Wenger risers.

2017 might have been the first and only formal award of the Erwin Baumann Scholarship to Ms. Mona Holton and Mr. David Rossel. In the many years leading up to the establishment of the Erwin Baumann Scholarship many aspiring conductors in Edmonton (and area) received well over  $15,000. Find the attached application for this years scholarship. Click on the following link to get the application form, note that we can be soft on the deadline date.

ESMC Erwin Baumann Scholarship Program Application – Deadline April 30, 2018 (2)